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The sold off CCGS Vancouver & Quadra in San Diego, California.
     Some shipmates, depot and office staff who have "crossed the bar" are listed in no particular order here.  The underlined names have a link to a newspaper clipping or other detail.

     As with any list of this sort, there will be some names which have been missed.  Please email me and I'll see they are added.

Sandy Kelly Larry Slaght George Thomas
Iain Young Babs Poulton Joe Woods
Derek Randell Herb Buchanan Peter Willms
Mary Pollard Jean Farr Harvey Dunahee
Phil Emery Margaret Dykes Tom Kelly
David Bremmer Gene Howard Doug Callin
Robert Manning Gary Conway Gerry Dixon
Harry Dubinsky Pete Fletcher Ian Duncan
Dave Hegstrom Pat Spencer Reg Gunn
Fred Wood Ian Worrall Ken Hughes
Vic Anns Elmer Cordoni Frank Arbuckle
Gary Dahlgren Fred Wedgewood Murray Ross
Fred Button Bob Coates Les Tickner
Norm Robilliard Herb Adrian Elmer Hautalouma
Ian Sutherland Mike Busby Robert "Paul" James
Gerry Loiselle Tom Keddie Bob Jones (Engineer)
Pieter Kallis Malcolm Buchanan Tom Carr
Norm Fowlow Tony Leppard Bob Jones (Pilot)
A.J. MacEachern Sam Sirna Jack Ickringill
Johnny Adams Don Cawley Dave Bush
Roy Jackson Jon Churchill Percy Sands
Peter Matley Fred Worsley Mac McGrath
Cec Trembley Keith Watson Joe Schrembri
Raymond Prichard Harry Tutt Jack Wells
Derek Drewe Nancy Hardy