Kitsilano Base

Kitsilano Coast Guard Station is currently (2018) undergoing renovations.  

Because of the increase in SAR operational staff accommodations had to be increased, and the relocation of Environmental response to Kitsilano also required training room and offices for staff. The completion date will be in the spring. Meanwhile the SAR crew have been operating out of a temporary station in the Port of Vancouver .  

Kitsilano Station also has a new SAR vessel (CG-158), a 13.6 Meter Response Boat medium twin diesel jet driven vessel capable of top speed 42.5 knots with a range of 250 nautical miles . The vessel has a 5 person crew. Over 180 RB-M vessels have been delivered to the US Coast Guard and other first responders since 2008 – a well proven vessel.

The station will also have a environmental response boat and a fast response vessel like the former 733. 

…..Fred Moxey January 2018

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