CCGS Camsel poking around in some pan ice.


This Association is composed of retired members of the Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries & Oceans sections of the Federal Government.

We are an informal group of some 100 members meeting for a luncheon twice a year to spin some yarns with old friends.

THE PURPOSES of the Canadian Coast Guard Association (incorporated in July, 1996, under the B.C. Society Act) are:

1) To continue our Canadian Coast Guard camaraderie into retirement.

2) To support our Membership and their families, when and as appropriate.

3) To support those currently serving in the Canadian Coast Guard and other maritime interests, when and as appropriate.

4) To undertake or support other activities approved by the Membership.

Canadian Coast Guard Association (Western)

25 Huron Street

Victoria, BC   V8V 4V9


December Luncheon has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

(Posted October 06/20)

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